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Court's passion for homebuilding began at a young age after being exposed to the world of construction, through his father, Don Dooley. With a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and many years under his belt as a project engineer, Court always knew he had a knack for bringing creative designs to life. 

In 2007, Court started building his first homes, and in 2018, he decided to take the leap from his corporate position and begin the exciting journey of entrepreneurship. Not only did Court get to start pursuing his dream of running his own company, he also had the privilege of hiring Don, to work alongside him, as well. 

Today, Court is the proud owner of Dooley Designs, a thriving, Tulsa-based firm that helps create beautiful, custom homes for clients all across northeast Oklahoma. Together, he and Don bring people's dream homes to life and make a positive impact in other's lives, while doing it. 

From designing to building, this father and son duo are quickly making their mark in the design and construction realm.

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